The first delivery by self-driving truck, by Otto and Budweiser.

Early Access

Rethinking Transportation

Otto is designing a new approach to modern transportation, starting with self-driving trucks.

Long-haul transit is vital for nearly 70% of the things we buy, yet hundreds of thousands of preventable trucking accidents happen each year on American highways. We believe it’s our responsibility to bring safer, self-driving technology to the road.


Interstate Autopilot

Our self-driving trucks make highways safer. Otto hardware and software is tuned for the consistent patterns and easy to predict road conditions of highway driving.

Sensors are installed high atop existing trucks, offering vehicles an unobstructed view of the road ahead. With highways making up only 5% of U.S. roads, we can focus our testing on this specific set of trucking routes critical for the American economy.

Actual otto lane rendering

Built by Experts

From years of developing mapping software, to test-driving hundreds of thousands of autonomous miles, our staff of self-driving veterans lead their fields in both experience and ingenuity.

We've come together from some of the world's foremost companies to make autonomous technology a reality. Meet our staff

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